NNOAC Foundation, Inc. Goals


The NNOAC Foundation, Inc., is committed to accomplishing its mission by:

Soliciting financial and logistical support from organizations,  businesses and individuals that will enable The NNOAC Foundation, Inc., to provide training, resources and technical knowledge to law enforcement officers across the nation, improving their abilities to safely provide effective law enforcement and public safety services;

Developing and delivering outreach programs that will educate businesses, public and private organizations and citizens about the liabilities, threats and risks they face from drug abuse in the workplace and the community, as well as the resources and services that are available to help prevent accidents, workplace violence and crime related to drug abuse;

Assembling an Advisory Committee consisting of law enforcement professionals, business partners and subject matter experts that will use their collective knowledge and expertise to provide advice relative to strategies and the development and delivery of outreach programs that will assist the NNOAC  Foundations, Inc., in accomplishing its mission; and,

Providing funding for educational scholarships to students who are entering the criminal justice or public safety professions, survivors of law enforcement officers who have died while serving their communities, and organizations that provide support for the mission of The NNOAC Foundation, Inc.